Helpful Tips To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

a couple breaking upIf your partner has left you, but you aren’t quite sure what caused the break-up, or you just aren’t ready to let the relationship end, then there can often be a lot of confusion as to what you should do.

Do you try to make it work with him and convince him to stay, or should you just let him go?

Knowing when and how to get your ex boyfriend to come back to you is one of the biggest concerns that woman have once the relationship has come to an end, according to the American Dating Society’s website.

The following tips may prove helpful for you to get your ex boyfriend back into your life.

1. Give It A Little Time

Obviously, if your ex has just finished things with you, then they more than likely feel the need for some space away from the relationship at the moment. Whether a particular event (like cheating) caused the break-up or if there is no definable reason, they are still likely to be needing some space alone for a while.

So the best thing to do at this stage is to give them what they need and back off for a little while. If you keep badgering him, you will simply come across as desperate or could even be perceived as a pain in the ass or a stalker.

A good rule to follow is the no contact rule, which basically states not to have any contact with your ex for around thirty days following the breakup. This can give you both some much needed breathing space and allow you time to re-group, reflect and re-consider what it really is that you are wanting from a relationship.

Once a couple has had this space, they are far more likely to be in a better position to know what they want. If it does in fact turn out that they still want to be with you, then this time away will have helped them realise that fact and more deeply value you as a person, the relationship and have a stronger connection with you long-term.

2. Make Your Feelings Clear

While you shouldn’t harass your ex, you do need to make it clear to them how you feel and that you want them back in your life. Don’t send a text message or an email, rather see them face to face if they are willing. Meeting in person is more personal, and it also shows that you are more serious about the message that you are delivering to them.

If they aren’t willing to meet you in person for whatever reason, send them a handwritten letter, perhaps with a thoughtful gift, making your feelings clear. Don’t do this repeatedly or you might end up pushing them further away.

A handwritten letter conveys a far deeper meaning than a text message or an email.

3. Take Responsibility

If your actions are to blame for the break-up, own up to the facts and apologize. Make sure that your apology is genuine. If their actions are the reason for the break-up, you may still have played a role in the events so take responsibility for this. Let them apologize for their actions and forgive, forget and move on if you are able to.

If you cannot determine the cause of the break-up, ask your ex for an explanation. This is important to repair the relationship and even if your ex doesn’t come back, will provide you with much necessary closure. If an explanation is not forthcoming, evaluate the relationship to identify what went wrong and try to make amends.

4. Make Them Jealous

making the ex jealousThis does NOT mean that you should go out and enter into a relationship with another person in the hopes that jealousy will drive your ex back into your arms. This tactic often has the opposite effect in fact, and can make you look rather pathetic if your tactics are discovered or obvious.

Rather show them that you are doing well without them and that they are missing out by not being with you. Buy a new outfit, change your hairstyle or find a new hobby or activity that you enjoy and that your ex may be interested in.

By going out with your friends more often and posting pictures of your fun times with them on Facebook and Instagram can show that you are getting along fine on your own. You don’t need to post images of you with another guy or girl; it can be as simple as showing that you are having a great time hanging out with your friends and doing things that you perhaps were not doing before because you were in a relationship.

Giving your ex a reason to come back is often more successful than begging and pleading. If there is any interest at all left on their part, soon they are likely to become curious about you and what you are up to. They will want to know what you have been doing and who you have been spending your time with.

If your ex does start to ask you this kind of questions, then it is definitely a good sign! Just play it cool and see where the conversation goes from there. At this stage, you may be in a good position to ask your ex to meet up for a catch-up.

5 Issues that Can Affect Your Relationship Negatively

couple holding handsWhen you start a relationship, you don’t take anything about it for granted. You love every second of it because everything is new and exciting! You want to get to know and enjoy the other person as much a possible. However, after you have been in a relationship for a while, you realize that it takes lots of work to maintain.

No relationship is perfect, of course, and there will always be reasons for having issues in a between the two of you. You want to be able to understand your differences so that you can work on them and maintain happiness. Here are five things that you should watch for when starting a relationship or when trying to keep one.


Long-distance relationships are difficult for most people, but they are not impossible. Distance and therefore absence do make the heart grow fonder. But, what about the old saying that once something is out of sight, it is “out of mind?”

There are challenges with long-distance romances, but you can overcome them with close, frequent communication. Make use of all of the today’s technology. E-mail, text and video chat with one another. Plan to visit each other as often as possible, too.

Focus on the Physical Attraction

Looks may be one of the primary things that draw partners to one another initially, but you both have to have more of a deep interest and a loving connection with each other to make a relationship work. Looks are nice, but don’t forget about the bond you both have.

Work on your intimacy and ensure there is good communication between the two of you. If you don’t have communication and are not able to sustain the intimacy, then the fires might fizzle out when looks start to fade, and this can affect your relationship in a big way. Don’t let looks be the only thing that sustains your relationship.

The Third Wheel

a woman jealous of her boyfriendNo one likes admitting it, but when a third party enters or affects a partnership, there are problems. Jealousy is a big one, and it can come as a result of paying too much attention to a former partner or even a friend of the same sex.

If your partner is sincerely interested in someone else, perhaps you should consider moving on. However, if the third party is a friend, you and your partner need to talk about your feelings and set boundaries. Otherwise, jealousy could break the relationship up.

The Romance Dies

Women love romance. For a healthy relationship, it is important for most couples to keep the romance alive and be spontaneous once in a while.

While romance usually tends to give way after the initial stages of dating, still don’t let it die once your relationship has moved past this early phase.

Send your partner the occasional bouquet of roses or make that special surprise trip visit for the weekend. Romantic gestures do not have to be expensive, but they should be made here and there to show you love your partner.

Sometimes romance issues in the bedroom are what are causing problems. You want to discuss the issue with your partner in a sensitive and caring manner. Sometimes there is a physical issue that needs to be addressed. If there is a third wheel causing the problems, however, you will need to talk with your partner openly and honestly or get professional advice together as a couple.


As mentioned before, jealousy can be a big problem in any relationship. It can destroy even the strongest bond between two people.

Most times, jealousy is unfounded and is caused by suspicions and not hard, cold facts. Jealousy can lead to arguments and more serious relationship issues further down the line. If a person is overly jealous, then it may cause their partner to become resentful further down the line.

Get a jump on things by having a clear and open communication policy in your relationship. Again, we come back to this critical value of having good communication in the relationship. This will mean that the two of you can easily and comfortably discuss any issues that you have and then work on moving past them in a healthy and productive way as a couple. This is one of the key ingredients to help your relationship stay happy and healthy for the long-term.

Learn The 4 Most Common Reasons For A Relationship Breakup

arguing-coupleRelationship breakups are never fun for either party. Whether it be ditching a romantic partner, getting burned by a former friend, or even estranged with a family member, the rejected party can be left stunned, confused as to what went wrong, and even spiral into a state of depression.

When relationships break down, self-esteem can often take a hit while an individual seeks answers as to why it happened and what went wrong. To help you make sense of things, keep reading to learn the four most common reasons for a relationship breakup.

Loss of Interest

1) It is fairly common in relationships that after a while, and typically after the romance stage, a person may find that they just aren’t into their partner as much as they once were.

This can often just be a physical thing as the romance starts to fizzle out. However, it can also be due to one or a combination of five primary issues that can negatively effect a relationship.

Research has indicated that this is the reason for almost half of relationships falling apart. Even in marriages where partners took a lifelong commitment, there can be the possibility of just falling out of love further down the line. If there is no emotional connection or spiritual spark left, physical proximity and intimacy is not enough to retain a relationship long-term.

This issue often (but not always) comes down to two things;

A). One or both partners just not having a deeper understanding of themselves and what they truly want in a relationship and from another person. As a result, they pick someone with whom they may be physically attracted to at first, but they are just not compatible for a long-term relationship. Often, this is due to the individuals in the relationship holding different values and different aspirations for their lives.

B). One or both of the people in the relationship have changed, and the other has not changed in the same direction. This can often happen when one person embarks on an entirely new career path or decides to go back to school to re-train.


2) Someone cheated in the relationship. In romantic relationships, one person cheating on the other can prove such betrayal and so corrosive to the trust that the relationship just cannot recover.

Cheating sexually is not just a violation of the commitment in a monogamous relationship, but also potentially dangerous in this day and age for several reasons. A woman who cheats might become pregnant, and a man who cheats with a women might father a child that is not of his wife.a couple cheatingIf any sexual activity is unprotected, transmission of disease is always a high possibility. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you also endanger your long-term partner the next time you sleep with them.

When the cheating partner gets found out by their other half, it has been done so many times by the non-cheating partner to contract an STD from their supposedly faithful significant other. This just adds insult to injury and is an even more devastating way for the innocent partner to find out.

Some relationships recover from this, but many do not.

Breaking of Trust

3. A third of all relationships that end, end because of some kind of lying, or not telling the truth. A romantic relationship is among the most vulnerable there is, where you open up to someone and trust them with your most intimate details. Getting lied to about anything serious, or just anything you take seriously, can hurt a lot, especially when it comes from someone you thought your better half or your soulmate.

This does not necessarily have to be cheating, but lying in general, and especially about the thing that is very important to the other person.


4. Constant bickering and fighting can often kill a relationship fairly quickly. Being with someone you love should ideally be about enjoying each other’s company. And while no relationship is happy every moment of every day, when there seems to be hate and anger more often than love, the negative emotions often win.

There are some people that find an argument in a relationship to be very stimulating and passionate. However, if such a person is involved with someone who does not feel the same way about arguing then the relationship will likely fall apart very quickly.

Not all relationship breakups happen for these four reasons alone, but many commonly do. Other possibilities include bad sex lives, a desire to be single again, and one person moving away to a different town or even country, perhaps due to work commitments.

If any of these top four breakup reasons are a possibility in your relationship, then look for ways you can resolve them as quickly as possible if you want to stay with your partner long-term.

If you’re still scratching your head about why your relationship may have come to an end because the above points don’t seem to apply to your relationship, then take a look at this video for some more reasons why relationships fall apart.

Keeping Your Relationship Passionate Over The Long Term

Everyone who’s ever gotten past significant round-number anniversaries knows that relationships take hard work as they grow older. Passion isn’t something that invariably disappears at some predetermined point in your relationship, however! It’s like a flower. It will thrive year after year if you make it a priority to care for it.

Make Time For Intimacy

couple in a happy relationshipMore harmful to passionate, romantic feelings than anything else is a simple lack of time to experience and celebrate them. Clear space in your schedules to get together, alone, without interruptions and enjoy each other. This can be a sexual experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

Regularly making time to remember and re-live the feelings that initially drew you together helps nurture those romantic thoughts and emotions over time. You can make your special time as structured or as spontaneous as you like, but make sure you spend at least a little time every day simply being a couple.

Intimacy can help to keep your relationship fun and exciting, and also lessen the chances of your partner cheating or looking elsewhere for a more stimulating relationship.

A lack of intimacy can certainly be a reason for a relationship to break down for many people.

Explore New Experiences

Another common issue that crops up in older relationships is a simple lack of togetherness that has nothing to do with sexual intimacy. You should devote some time to sharing non-romantic activities with each other, too. Take a class together, practice a hobby, or learn a new skill as a team.

Engaging in personal growth as a couple will help remind you both of all the different facets of each other’s personalities that you love. This will keep you from starting to “flatten” your partner in your mind and give you both a deeper appreciation for how complex you are – and what a deep bond you’ve created.

Be Supportive

Being supportive of your partner and their interests is vital for your relationship to survive. If your partner has decided to re-train and go back to school to learn a new career, be supportive of their decision and take the time to share in their aspirations and find out why it is important to them.

It is inevitable that we change as people as we grow older, which is not a bad thing. However, it is important that we change and evolve with them to grow together and keep the relationship alive.


Good communication is one of the most important things to have in a good, healthy relationship. Communication means that you will have a greater understanding of each other and understand on a deeper level what is important to your partner.

Communication will generally mean that you will fight less as a couple and be able to work out your differences.

When it comes to the bedroom, having good communication between the two of you will mean that you will be able to voice your needs and desires to your partner and have a more fulfilling sex life.


Show Love Physically And Verbally

The little things count when you’re looking at your relationship in the long term. If you can’t remember the last time, you’ve told your partner “I love you,” offered them a hug, or complimented them on something nice that they’ve done you need to start paying more attention.

Both of you should be on the lookout for little ways to express your appreciation for each other. Opportunities to share a little physical contact and moments that deserve recognition also need to be taken advantage of. A healthy relationship doesn’t necessarily need grand gestures if it’s filled with countless little signs of affection.

This set of tips is by no means an exhaustive guide to preserving passion in your long-term relationship. Seek out more advice on the subject and be inventive about coming up with your own ideas; the possibilities are virtually endless.

Get Back To A Sublime Relationship

a couple in a healthy relationshipHow to get back to a great relationship is a great question that many people need help with.

It is surprisingly common that a large amount of couples who have been in a relationship together for more than two years find that the relationship has grown somewhat stale, is just not the same relationship that it was in the early stages. But why does this happen?

Firstly, it is kinda normal for this to occur and the two of you have grown use to each other and slipped into a state of being comfortable with one another. On the one hand this can be a great sign of a loving connection. However, it is important for couples to also keep a degree of attraction and excitement in the relationship.

Keeping things exciting an interesting will help to keep the oxytocin flowing when the two of you connect, which makes you both feel good when you are together. Furthermore, it will help you both find deeper meaning in your relationship and enable the two of you to feel excited at the thought of spending time together.

Of course, all of this is important to stop your partner from straying and staying loved up with you long-term.

Here are some great tips to help you improve your relationship form Brendon Burchard.