Keeping Your Relationship Passionate Over The Long Term

Everyone who’s ever gotten past significant round-number anniversaries knows that relationships take hard work as they grow older. Passion isn’t something that invariably disappears at some predetermined point in your relationship, however! It’s like a flower. It will thrive year after year if you make it a priority to care for it.

Make Time For Intimacy

couple in a happy relationshipMore harmful to passionate, romantic feelings than anything else is a simple lack of time to experience and celebrate them. Clear space in your schedules to get together, alone, without interruptions and enjoy each other. This can be a sexual experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

Regularly making time to remember and re-live the feelings that initially drew you together helps nurture those romantic thoughts and emotions over time. You can make your special time as structured or as spontaneous as you like, but make sure you spend at least a little time every day simply being a couple.

Intimacy can help to keep your relationship fun and exciting, and also lessen the chances of your partner cheating or looking elsewhere for a more stimulating relationship.

A lack of intimacy can certainly be a reason for a relationship to break down for many people.

Explore New Experiences

Another common issue that crops up in older relationships is a simple lack of togetherness that has nothing to do with sexual intimacy. You should devote some time to sharing non-romantic activities with each other, too. Take a class together, practice a hobby, or learn a new skill as a team.

Engaging in personal growth as a couple will help remind you both of all the different facets of each other’s personalities that you love. This will keep you from starting to “flatten” your partner in your mind and give you both a deeper appreciation for how complex you are – and what a deep bond you’ve created.

Be Supportive

Being supportive of your partner and their interests is vital for your relationship to survive. If your partner has decided to re-train and go back to school to learn a new career, be supportive of their decision and take the time to share in their aspirations and find out why it is important to them.

It is inevitable that we change as people as we grow older, which is not a bad thing. However, it is important that we change and evolve with them to grow together and keep the relationship alive.


Good communication is one of the most important things to have in a good, healthy relationship. Communication means that you will have a greater understanding of each other and understand on a deeper level what is important to your partner.

Communication will generally mean that you will fight less as a couple and be able to work out your differences.

When it comes to the bedroom, having good communication between the two of you will mean that you will be able to voice your needs and desires to your partner and have a more fulfilling sex life.


Show Love Physically And Verbally

The little things count when you’re looking at your relationship in the long term. If you can’t remember the last time, you’ve told your partner “I love you,” offered them a hug, or complimented them on something nice that they’ve done you need to start paying more attention.

Both of you should be on the lookout for little ways to express your appreciation for each other. Opportunities to share a little physical contact and moments that deserve recognition also need to be taken advantage of. A healthy relationship doesn’t necessarily need grand gestures if it’s filled with countless little signs of affection.

This set of tips is by no means an exhaustive guide to preserving passion in your long-term relationship. Seek out more advice on the subject and be inventive about coming up with your own ideas; the possibilities are virtually endless.