5 Issues that Can Affect Your Relationship Negatively

couple holding handsWhen you start a relationship, you don’t take anything about it for granted. You love every second of it because everything is new and exciting! You want to get to know and enjoy the other person as much a possible. However, after you have been in a relationship for a while, you realize that it takes lots of work to maintain.

No relationship is perfect, of course, and there will always be reasons for having issues in a between the two of you. You want to be able to understand your differences so that you can work on them and maintain happiness. Here are five things that you should watch for when starting a relationship or when trying to keep one.


Long-distance relationships are difficult for most people, but they are not impossible. Distance and therefore absence do make the heart grow fonder. But, what about the old saying that once something is out of sight, it is “out of mind?”

There are challenges with long-distance romances, but you can overcome them with close, frequent communication. Make use of all of the today’s technology. E-mail, text and video chat with one another. Plan to visit each other as often as possible, too.

Focus on the Physical Attraction

Looks may be one of the primary things that draw partners to one another initially, but you both have to have more of a deep interest and a loving connection with each other to make a relationship work. Looks are nice, but don’t forget about the bond you both have.

Work on your intimacy and ensure there is good communication between the two of you. If you don’t have communication and are not able to sustain the intimacy, then the fires might fizzle out when looks start to fade, and this can affect your relationship in a big way. Don’t let looks be the only thing that sustains your relationship.

The Third Wheel

a woman jealous of her boyfriendNo one likes admitting it, but when a third party enters or affects a partnership, there are problems. Jealousy is a big one, and it can come as a result of paying too much attention to a former partner or even a friend of the same sex.

If your partner is sincerely interested in someone else, perhaps you should consider moving on. However, if the third party is a friend, you and your partner need to talk about your feelings and set boundaries. Otherwise, jealousy could break the relationship up.

The Romance Dies

Women love romance. For a healthy relationship, it is important for most couples to keep the romance alive and be spontaneous once in a while.

While romance usually tends to give way after the initial stages of dating, still don’t let it die once your relationship has moved past this early phase.

Send your partner the occasional bouquet of roses or make that special surprise trip visit for the weekend. Romantic gestures do not have to be expensive, but they should be made here and there to show you love your partner.

Sometimes romance issues in the bedroom are what are causing problems. You want to discuss the issue with your partner in a sensitive and caring manner. Sometimes there is a physical issue that needs to be addressed. If there is a third wheel causing the problems, however, you will need to talk with your partner openly and honestly or get professional advice together as a couple.


As mentioned before, jealousy can be a big problem in any relationship. It can destroy even the strongest bond between two people.

Most times, jealousy is unfounded and is caused by suspicions and not hard, cold facts. Jealousy can lead to arguments and more serious relationship issues further down the line. If a person is overly jealous, then it may cause their partner to become resentful further down the line.

Get a jump on things by having a clear and open communication policy in your relationship. Again, we come back to this critical value of having good communication in the relationship. This will mean that the two of you can easily and comfortably discuss any issues that you have and then work on moving past them in a healthy and productive way as a couple. This is one of the key ingredients to help your relationship stay happy and healthy for the long-term.